Visual Language Week #1 – Design Analysis

The target I am analyzing is a poster of one of The Geese’s performances.

*The Geese is a Japanese comedian group of two artists.



My Analysis:

Use of Grid:

The poster is planned in a very organized and clean way. The words, including the title and the important information are put on the top and bottom three grids, respectively. The image occupies the center nine grids, which makes it outstanding and eye-catching.


Simple and unified. All English words and numbers are of one typeface and the Japanese words are in one unified Japanese font. The use of different font weight and size help stand out the most crucial information.

Choice of Color:

This poster also uses limited colors, which is in a positive way. The use of black, white and gray stands out the color blue, making a noteworthy contrast. I think it really helps catch the audiences attention, which can further help promote the event.


The structure of this poster is simple and straight forward: big and interesting title, a huge and interesting image, other important words/information at the bottom. As a poster for a show, it works well both to provide precise information regarding the performance as well as to promote the show.

Overall I prefer this poster because I think, first of all, the illustration of it looks great. Secondly, even if I dont understand Japanese 100 percent, it is not hard for me to understand what this poster is trying to tell. Both the visuals and the function of this poster work well.

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