Intro to Fab Week #1 – Build a Flashlight

Before I started to think about how to build a flashlight, I considered what makes a flashlight. For me, a flashlight is a lighting tool that can be switched on and off. So there needs to be a light and a switch. Therefore, I was looking for solutions to create my own type of light-with-a-swift flashlight.

I looked up on youtube for some inspirations, but I ended up in Autodesk circuits. I especially searched up the term “blinking LED” and referred to (many thanks) to build my actual flashlight.

So basically I used an Arduino UNO and a cable to be my “switch”, and the computer or any kind of mobile power supply is the power supply of my flashlight. I used Arduino to write a very simple code, basically triggers the electricity to go back and forth in the Led so that is why it would blink once the power is on. I also used a 220-ohm resistor to prevent the electricity being too high.

Here is a breakdown of how I actually made the flashlight:

Step 1: Circuit Diagram/Code

As I said, I referred to to built my circuit and wrote my code. I used tinkercad then to build my own circuits.

Step 2: Build it!

I used two wires, a cable, an Arduino UNO, a LED, a 220-ohm resistor and a breadboard.

Write the code, upload it to Arduino and run it!

By the way, I also made something like this:


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