PComp Week #2 – Switch

For this week’s switch assignment, I made a switch that is able to turn on two LEDs of two different colors by controlling a little guy.

When I walk in New York, I have been constantly confused by the traffic light here. I am inspired by that and wanted to make a little playful (maybe educational) traffic light that lights up different colors when people are not supposed to walk(when the red light is on).

In this little project, a green light means it is safe to stand there, and a yellow light means it is dangerous if one is standing at that place.


  1. This project contains:

An Arduino Uno; a breadboard; some wires; two LED lights(green/yellow); conductive tape; mobile power supply and a little guy.

  1. Mechanism: A simple parallelĀ circuit as shown above.
  2. Test: I tested everything on a breadboard before I move to my construction.



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