Intro to Fab Week #2 – Flower Holders


For this week’s assignment, I made five flower holders using include wood, glass test tubes, nails. I really like simple and neat furniture style and as I am still in the progress of settling down and adding more furniture to my apartment, I decided that I want to create things that are not only for this specific assignment, but also some items that I can keep in my room for long.

As I looked around on the internet and tried to find some inspiration, a post from one of my favorite handy-craft making accounts (做个东西) on Weibo (Chinese ver. twitter basically) intrigued me. In this post, the blogger taught people how to make their own flower holders by using drills and wood. And the product looks pretty beautiful.

A screenshot of the blogger’s tutorial

Inspired by the blogger, I decided to make some flower holders that I can use to decorate my room.

How I make them:

Step 1: Design & Prototyping

Unlike the blogger, I decided to make each flower holder only has one test tube. I imagine it to have a vide of a small painting. I grabbed some wood from the junk shelf and built a wood frame as my first prototype. Because I was yet not very familiar with all the tools in the shop. Building the prototype helped me to get to know the tools much better and also contributed to my further fabrication.

I made a little frame with a little guy as my first prototype and by doing that I got to be more aware of things include:

  • The metal saw EATS a lot of wood! Be careful about that
  • C-clamps sometimes are much useful than the push-kind clamps
  • Cut one piece and measure again — do not do all the measurements at once.

Step 2: Getting Materials & Fabrication

I got test tubes from Amazon and wood pieces from Blick Art Store.

All other tools (except some drill bits) are borrowed from the shop.

While constructing the holders, I encountered a problem that I did not know how to drill a 5/8 inch hole on my wood pieces when the largest drill bit I have is 1/2 inch large. With the help of some second-year student workers, I solved this problem by using a 5/8 inch drill on the drill press.

After three days of working and I finally got them all done! With some flowers, those holders actually look pretty nice.



Inspiration/Idea: Weibo@做个东西

Hand Model: Tong Wu @ITP



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