Pcomp Week #3 – Digital/Analog



For this week’s assignment, I tried to combine Arduino with P5.js.

I looked up tutorials online and I followed ITP Lab: Serial Input to P5.js

So basically I created a sketch in p5.js and in that sketch I was able to create some effects by using the mousePressed function.

I also created an Arduino circuit where I was able to light up an LED using a button.

I wanted to use the button to replace my mouse and use that to control my p5 sketch.

I downloaded both p5.serialcontrol and p5.serial library. It took me quite a long time to figure out how to correctly write the codes but I made it!

Big acknowledgments to Yanlin and Shawn who have helped me a lot with my coding.

Observations of How People Interact With A Public Installation:

I choose the Wood Mirror to be my target this time. As an undergraduate student, I was once introduced to this piece in one of my classes. So I had an idea of how this piece looks like before I actually see it. The first time I visited it (the first time I went to ITP at the beginning of September), my first action was taking a picture of it. And then I approached closer and saw my reflection in the mirror, I took more pictures. I even recorded some videos for Instagram.

I sometimes have friends visit me from other universities here in NYC. I always bring them to ITP floor. When we enter the building, I always say “look there is a wood mirror over there. Take a look because it is very cool.”

I noticed that people tend to have two kinds of reactions.

First type: I once invited a friend of mine, who studies biology to our floor. I introduced to her that we have a pretty cool wood mirror project without telling here what it exactly is. She approached the mirror, looking confused. And she turned to me like “what is interesting about these piles of wood bricks?” And then she turned back, walking closer to see. Suddenly she found her reflection in the mirror and then she became very excited. THEN she ended up taking pictures.

Second Type: At another time, one of my undergraduate classmates came to visit me at ITP. She studies interactive media arts with me previously so immediately after we stepped on the 4th floor, she recognized Wood Mirror and she took pictures. We discussed the mechanism of this project and what related works we have done later.

What these stories tell me? First of all, taking pictures and posting Instagram photos are important in this social media world. Secondly, whether or not having some certain knowledge/background sometimes can really shape people’s perception towards things and change the way they interact with it.


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