Intro to Fab Week #3 – Laser Cutting


For this week’s laser cut project, I made earrings and an earring hanger.

I have this idea of self-design accessories since a long time ago. And when I got to know laser cutting technique a few years ago, I had always had the idea of cutting some accessories. I am very glad that I use this assignment to become the step one of realizing one of my many “dreams”.

I bought plywood and earring making supplies from Blick, designed everything using illustrator and cut the sketches on two different days (because I know I will make mistakes).

On the first day, I did a cutting test. After spending a whole hour near the laser cutter, this is what I got:

Only after I made this pair of Pikachu earrings that I realized I have to cut two pieces that are symmetrical to each other(I cut two exactly same pieces), otherwise when wearing the earrings, one earring will show its backside instead of the front (which we want).

Later I thought because I own zero copyright of any Pokemon character, and it is kind of boring if I just do Pokemon characters — I decided to do some of my own designs. However, I did find this picture to be the foundation of my sketches so I would like to give it a lot of credits. (I am not able to find the original designer though).

I explored a lot of different patterns, and some are like these:


Then I also designed the earring hanger. The AI file looks like this:

The final shape is a romantic coincidence indeed because I didn’t measure my sketch well (again, I was using a 4-inch-wide wood board and the diameter of my circle is 3.93 inch, I thought the size would be perfect). I ended up shaving the bottom part of my circle off. So I just decided to slightly change my design and created the shape you see in the picture.

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