Visual Language Week #4 – Color Palette

When I think about colors that represent myself, pink becomes the first one that I come up with. I particularly like pink that has a white tone and is creamy/milky. I think the milky pink color gives a very soft, warm, joyful, childlike vibe.  I don’t really think pink is the best color to describe my personality, but it does reflect f my taste.

I searched online for color palettes that contain the pink color I like. And I found this one that I enjoyed:

I liked how it combines pink and mint colors together. Based on that, I decided to create my own color palette.

I used illustrator and this website to create my color palette and my color palette contains these colors:

I  also like to play around with shapes. Since mid-autumn festival (mooncake’s festival) is coming. I want to use the moon shape. so I first created this:

I also want to incorporate myself into the illustration. So I tried to add my initials (Y X R) into it.






By combing the three together and adding a second layer as background, I got my final design.

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