Intro to Fab Week #4 – Enclosure

For this week, I decided to build an enclosure for my pcomp project, which is a mp3 player.

The project demo:


I bought a wood container in the Container Store. I tried to dig different holes on the box based on the design of my project. I used the drill press to drill two smaller holes for the switches and one larger one for the speaker. Before I store everything into the box, I tested the circuit, and it was working. However, after I soldered everything and taped the buttons and speaker to the case like this:

the soldered part broke. So I ended up with my encloser which does not technically work. This is actually the first time I felt that it is so hard to fabricate things. When circuits are included, it is so easy to mess things up. I really hope that I can gradually become better at this by practicing building more things more often.

One thought on “Intro to Fab Week #4 – Enclosure”

  1. Nice work, but I need more documentation from you. How did you drill your holes? Is there a bottom panel for your enclosure? Why did you use tape to mount everything?

    I would recommend using panel mount buttons and not the breadboard buttons you used. Panel mount will be much more reliable.

    I feel the speaker could have some sort of cover as well. Maybe a laser cut ring with screen or mesh behind it. It could really dress up the enclosure.


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