Visual Language Week #5 – Composition/Poster

This week we were assigned to design a poster for the coming ITP winter show.

I personally think this is by far the most challenging assignment. I have very little experience designing posters before and I feel like to design a poster it requires skills of color, composition, font…literally  everything.

Before I started to do my poster, I did some research on the previous winter show posters.

I especially liked the first poster’s typefaces, like how the characters are kerned and the choice of the font. But I feel like I am not so capable of coming up with some sophisticated graphics within a week and also at this moment I cannot really come up with any good idea for photography. Therefore, I decided to play with the color palette and the types.

It troubles me for a long time to decide the theme of my poster. I always consider ITP not only as a lovely family but also a place of creativity. People here show me so much love, passion, and creativity.

So I started to do something related to creativity, which pushed me to do an itp lego logo.

But I don’t know how to move further so I at the end just gave up this idea.

I then tried to incorporate what we are learning to the poster and I thought of p5. I wrote something like this:

I think this code kind of reflect how we are as a whole group. Then I started to do some design with what I have. My previous poster looks like this:

But Then I am really unsatisfied with the colors. So I tried to change colors and move things around. Finally, I got my poster:


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