Intro to Fab Week #5 – Moonlight

For this week, I made a lamp(light) using all kinds of paper (tissues, brown bags, cardboard, and paperboard.  My idea again comes from my favorite handcraft maker who I gave credit in week 2.

My progress:

  1. Materials:

I cut one circle to be the base of the lamp, a circle ring to be the front side. I also cut two square-shaped slices to be the side part of my lamp.


I cut another piece of circle board (all circles are the same size) using hardboard. I taped/glued brown bag paper onto it, wrapped tapes around it and glued multiple layers onto it.  I painted it later to create the “moon”.


I then tried to create the structure of the lamp, but I found it particularly hard to tape everything together. Following my fellow Amitabh’s advice, I decided to cut another set of thick materials and attached my previous black circle shapes onto the thick materials and use hot glue to pull everything together.

I cut a hole on the side square paper slice to let the string lights’ wire out and I finally got my moonlight.

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