Visual Language Week #6 – Business Card

For this week’s assignment, I first did a draft writing down what I think should be shown on my business card:

I decided to leave only name. the title, contact information, and portfolio on the card because I think those are the most important things for my future career developments.

I then started to look at different fonts, finding something that my name would look good in.

I choose Dolce Vita for my name because I think it has an interesting A which appears twice in my name. I choose Caviar Dreams for the rest of the text because I like its interesting lower case letters especially. Both fonts are from te san serif family.

I choose to incorporate a little logo which I happened to design during the week for color composition assignment. I changed the square background into a circle to better fit into the whole card design.

Because I really like bears, I tried to adjust the location of the logo so that the front side of the card somehow resembles the side profile of a bear. Something like this maybe: (haha)

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