Pcomp Week #8 Final Project Idea

For the final project, I want to combine creative coding, physical computing, and projection mapping together to build an interactive installation.  I want to combine these three elements into a story that the audience will be able to take away with them after visiting my project.

My final idea is an expansion of my midterm project. Since I really like my midterm dandelion project, I want to keep on working and build something more based on that. So basically I would like to create more visuals in p5 and by using Arduino to allow people change the visuals by controlling certain sensors. I want the visuals to all go beyond just a computer screen so I would like to have them all project onto a sculptural interface I build.

Here is a break down of my plan:

  1. Keep looking for inspirations and started testing things(different sensors, projections).

Gabe’s projection projects:

I want to test projections on these but not limited to items:

  • acrylic globe
  • glass bottle
  • glass cup filled with water


2. Keep working on different visuals and think about the storyline.

my undergrad capstone.

I already have some sketches which I can build based off:

I need to do more brainstorming and come up with a complete storyline.

3. Finalize the idea and start working on it/testing it. Again and again and again…

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