Pcomp Week #9 Final Project

This week I was keeping building on my final project idea. My basic idea was that I want to create a physical game. The game is composed with a physical fabricated installation. There will be a protagonist in the game, ideally a little girl; and this little girl’s mission is to go to different spots to complete a mission. This missions will contain physical interactions with the audience. I want the interaction to be people blow something. So I kind of want to set the theme of my game around “wind” and “blowing”. Therefore, the project, as I was thinking will probably become an interactive installation with visuals projected onto it and the audience will be able to interact with it by “blowing”.

However, as I keep thinking about the project, I feel like something is missing. Though I was able to think about the mechanism and interface of the project, I feel the concept, or in other words, the story, the meaning behind this project is missing. I do not want to create something just for some sort of fancy interaction. I really want to deliver an important piece of message that the viewers are able to take away with.

I feel like working on myself gets me into a puzzle that I am not able to get out alone, therefore, I decided to collaborate with other people.

I later decided to work with Yuan Hau. We met and exchanged our thoughts and ideas. I really appreciate his concept of storing people’s worries/stress and send that particular worry back to the person sometime later. I think it is an interesting concept that we together can build a lot on.

As a result of our discussion, our project will be:

construction/fabrication-wise: a tree-shape installation with “time capsule” hung on it

mechanism-wise: we want the audience to either tell or write down a worry they currently have. Once the worry is received by Arduino, it will trigger one time capsule to be filled.

We also want this worry to be secretly stored somewhere on the computer and after a certain period of time, this worry will be sent back to the person who once had it.

So basically as we planned this whole project will ideally contain three parts: the physical installation (the tree), Arduino and sensors, digital interface.

We want to test during the playing test:

  • Which way do people prefer to document their worries: writing or speaking;
  • Why that way works better?

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