Animation_Week #5_After Effects [Digest]

Me and my partner April Liu wanted to create a short story of how different types of food were digested in the stomach in an abstract way. I did the first half part (with apples, bananas and strawberries and April was mainly in charge of the second half). I also edited the sound using premier.

So basically our idea was that the food after being swallowed into one’s stomach enter a “magical” world, where they have lives. They dance, jump, swim and ultimately are absorbed.

I found different pictures of fruits online and used photoshop to cut them into multi-layers so that I was able to animate them in after effects. Me and April also looked up many green screen footages on Youtube to be our sources.

The animation was majorly down by adding different keyframes to the subjects’ rotation, position, and sizes. We also used a lot of ease-in and out effects to make the transition smoother. In addition, we used key light, an effect in After effects to deal with green screen videos. Camera angle and puppet pin tool were also used when animating the stomach.


Things to be developed:

  1. The opening is too long, the apple showing up part could have been cut and refined.
  2. The transition is not smooth enough.
  3. The digest topic is not strong enough.

Source credits:


Background music:

  1. High Brow Low Down by Deep East Music
  2. Super Mario Remix by Zoughan
  3. Requiem for a town Mvt. IV by Corner Stone Cues


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