Animation_Week #7_Unity [First Try]

So this is the first time I used Unity.

I watched Gabe’s tutorial:

to create a character controller for my character:

  1. have a character
  2. have some animation(movements assets)
  3. add movements to the character
  4. create transitions between each movement and add a blend tree
  5. C# scripts

After following the tutorial I was able to make the character run left/right, jump and walk straightly. However, now it still cannot walk backward and I will need to add that.

I download the farmland assets from assets store and I added colliders to all subjects in that scene. In order to make the character not walk into the buildings and solid subjects, I added 1. a capsule collider and 2. a rigid body to the character(remember to free rotation XYZ!)

Next step I want to use fuse to create a character and bring that in, I also want to create some solid subjects by the createObjects tool.

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