Xiran Yang
28 01 2018


Assignment 1:Reflection

Current Relationship:

I have not really thought about personal data tracking previously, but now as I think about it carefully, I actually have done many things that are examples of tracking personal data.

For instance, my iPhone is tracking the distance I walk every day. After I set a Bedtime in my timer, it is also help track my sleep time( when I woke up/go to bed). I also have downloaded some apps that tracks sleeping quality, work-out time, expense record, weight.etc.. So I guess I am actually quite an active personal data tracker.

The problem I have, however, is that I have not really tracked anything continually. I guess that is because I have never created a systematic way of collecting information so that it is kind of easy for my to forget or stop collecting.


I could se the benefits of tracking personal data for myself — that it has the potential to push myself keeping doing something. By keeping doing something, I may become better at something or start to embrace my life better. But I wonder how can we as individuals bring self-tracking into a larger picture and make it something not only beneficial or significant to ourselves but also to a larger group?

In addition, I also have some smaller questions regarding self-tracking, such as: Can self-tracking also be categorized into different types? If so, what are they? What are some of the best ways of visualizing self-tracking data? Once we start tracking , what is the best time to stop?

My Plan:

I initially want to track what do I eat every day. I am trying to do that by using some apps. There is one that I have on my phone that helps record food a person eat and also the portion of different nutritions(Carbohydrate, fat and protein). I also want to keep this data tracking with an Instagram account (I will post pictures of food every day). I want to do this data tracking to better work out. Because the food one eat every day also have a significant impact on the training result. I want to see what is the best amount food and best proportion of different nutrition can have the best impact.

I am also interested in the question “Numerical difference between digital vs physical interactions?” some one raised in class. I also want to do this — I can track it on a notebook every day and do a data visualization at the end of tracking.

One thought on “Assignment1_Reflection”

  1. Cool observations. I think manual tracking can be tough to keep up consistently, and sometimes it’s best to use a “passive” application like Moment to track your interaction with technologies, as we tend to report with poor frequency as humans, if we give ourselves the option to not track, or we rely on a device that might not be accessible to us at all times. Good thoughts here 🙂


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