Week 3 : Self track – outfit tracking

Week 3 – Dear Data Visualization

For this week, I collaborated with Mengzhen and we decided to track what we wear every day.  My questions are: of course 1. What am I wearing every day? 2. Does the weather affect what I wear? 3. Does what I wear have anything to do with my mood?


  1. Instagram: We figured out that taking a picture is one of the most efficient ways to track what we are wearing each day. So both of us did daily posts of what we have been worn. 
  2. Taking notes: Every day I would record the weather of that day, what major things I have done and how my feelings were.
  3. illustrations: since I want to make this tracking more interesting, I also did some daily illustrations based on the photons I took.


I figured out that I am happy either when the weather is good or when I have some interesting activities to do (0206/0208/0210/0211).  I might get a bit upset when the weather is not so good or when I get some intense work to do (0207/0209). And I feel like:

  1. My daily activities affect my mood more than the weather;
  2. My outfit tend to be of brighter colors when I am in a happy mood;

Therefore I decided to visualize the weather, my outfit color, and my mood using colors. The brighter the color is, the better the weather is, the brighter my outfit is, and the happier my mood is. I also incorporate some symbols and text when doing the visualization. And finally got to the card I made.



First of all,  I just want to say this tracking project makes me happy. I feel I definitely spent more time “decorating” myself every day, and the efforts I put on that have been successfully documented by the photos I took. Somehow this process really empowers me and makes me really happy, even more confident.

In addition, I definitely can tell that I feel much happier on sunny days and spend more time picking up outfits as a result of that happy mood. On gloomy days I just feel upset and have no mood in dressing up well. Meeting friends also makes me happy, and encourages me to pay more attention to what I wear.


One thought on “Week 3 : Self track – outfit tracking”

  1. Super. Thanks for your effort and thoughtfulness on this project. I’m glad to see that the exercise also provided some moments to create additional outputs (e.g. your stylized photos) as well as some motivation or sense of empowerment.
    Sidenote: You should mention that the colors you assigned were based on the colors of makeup that you own – it’s a fun little fact from your process!


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