Week 4 Service Design


I have been using some health apps including the IOS health tracker, Keep, Nike+, etc..  I tracked how much time I worked out each time and how many times I worked out a week. I also tracked what kind of exercises I have done and sometimes what I eat afterward. I always have a willing to keep fit, to work out regularly every week and to eat healthily. However, I find myself easy to give up my pre-made plan. The more times I gave up, the more disappointed I feel about myself and also the more upset I feel. Based on this problem I have, I use my self as a user and want to create a service for people who share the same problem with me.

User Experience Map of My Working Out Process

User Persona

A Day of Mine










Based on these, I concluded some key obstacles I have:

  • Although I always make plans to work out, somehow these plans are not specific (in terms of both frequency, specific time in the day(week) and specific training) enough. The plans are also not intuitive enough.
  • I feel shy when working out with muscle guys.
  • I feel tired when working out (not enough encouragement/entertainment).

I am more motivated when:

  • I can successfully lose weight
  • I have a friend / personal trainer to work together with me (But trainers are expensive)


Therefore, I want to design a service to pair people who share the same working out goals together and motivate them to work out together.

Basically, it is a work-out matching app.

By inputting your age, weight, height, work-out goal, locations you are often at as well as your regular working schedule, this app helps you to visualize a more intuitive work-out calendar (with your work-out plan in it) and pair you with a partner to work out together.

The app will suggest gyms and outside activities for you based on your input locations and other information. It will also open up a chatbox for you two to interact with each other. You two are connected by the same goal and are expected to encourage each other to achieve that. The matching duration would be 4 weeks.

App Demo


  • Digital: Other fit apps: apps that teach you specific training courses) / apps that provide healthy food recipe/media apps for music and videos / online shopping sites
  • Local: gyms, personal trainers, supermarkets, restaurants

One thought on “Week 4 Service Design”

  1. I believe Joey sent some additional feedback but I wanted to also mention that we loved your framing around the time commitment related to wellness, and it would be interesting to read/see your service product suggestions related to temporal incentive systems (something like WellCoin but for the “accountabili-buddies” model of exercise).


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