week 6 Quant Self Intervention

未标题-1Continuing my idea from last week, I want to build a self-intervention service that includes the intervention of others.

I find myself motivated doing tough tasks when I work with other people. For instance, I don’t quite enjoy working out, but I do want to stay fit and healthy, and the most efficient way I have experienced for me to work out regularly was when I paid for a personal trainer who pushed me to work out 5 times a week.

I feel like when one pays a bill for something (in my case money but literally it can be anything that the person value) and was “supervised” by someone(in this case my trainer), he has a higher chance or greater motivation towards his goals.

Therefore, it will push people like me to work out more often when we have to pay something and work out with partners.

Hiring a personal trainer would be very money-consuming while just asking a friend to work together with me would include problems like schedule conflicts. I feel maybe by matching people together to work out and setting up a mission for both of them (with some kind of reward if the mission is completed) can be a good way to encourage people to work out.

So the self-intervention would be like:

Format: Mobile App

User: The two people who are matched together to work out

Specific user flow:

So the two people matched together will receive a digital work-out calender. When one person works out, he makes a mark on the calendar, and this calendar will be pushed to the other person in the group as a reminder.




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