Week 6 Un-track Me

Obfuscate my music apps:

I have been using a lot of music apps to listen to my favorite songs. My favorite two apps among all are Xiami Music and NetEaseMusic, both are Chinese music apps. (The first two apps below)

Both apps share a function that I usually like — it will generate a recommended playlist of the day based on the songs you have favorited or listened before. (these are my two guesses of how they create the list)

On the left side is the recommended playlist from NetEaseMusic. On the top red area, next to the small bulb icon it says “(this list) is created based on your music taste, update at 6am every day”. On the right side it the interface of Xiami’s recommendation. It almost said the same thing “(the list) is created based on your taste of music. Every day we will recommend you 30 songs.”


I am guessing they are able to create those music playlists by “watching” the users’ data of favorite songs and songs they have listened recently.

For instance, if you go to Xiami or NetEaseMusic’s “my music” section (which they both have, both are the second function on the main menu), you will be able to see both a “recently played” section and a “favorite songs” section.

Therefore, my method of obfuscating the music apps are:

  1. create a user profile on the app;
  2. listen to some songs
  3. un-favorite some songs you actually like and on the contrary favorite some ones you don’t really like
  4. search for some random songs to listen

I have tried this once and it did recommend some things I never expect I will listen to.

One thought on “Week 6 Un-track Me”

  1. Interesting! I’m super late to the feedback here Xiran, I’m sorry. But I like the idea of creating alternate profiles and logins for different types/moods (like maybe you create one for when you’re feeling adventurous, the one with all the wacky recommendations outside your comfort zone); it might be annoying to maintain the “fav” of songs you don’t like, but it also might be interesting to see how long it takes for it to recommend you exclusively things that you hate.


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