Week 7 – final project idea

What kind of data have I gained during the last half of this course?

  1. daily consumption
  2. daily walking distance
  3. work-out schedule
  4. daily outfit

What are the things that I do every day online?

  1. Watch videos: youtube, tv series, BiliBili
  2. social media: Weibo, WeChat, Instagram
  3. email
  4. listen to the music on apps

What are my thoughts about self-data?

I think it is really easy for one to neglect one’s self-data. I always ignore data that could be passively tracked, for instance, sleeping circle, daily walking distance; I would pay more attention to my personal data if I intentionally track it, or on the other hand, when it is noticed or pointed out by other people.

I am interested in how personal data reflect oneself: what kind of person I am reflected from my personal data?

More interestedly, recently I have been also thinking about how one’s self-evaluation based on his personal data can be different from other people’s evaluation on the same data set.

I started thinking about this question after I once watched this video:

Basically, this video tells the story of a 34-year-old female artist/photographer doing a research/live performance project in Shanghai’s marriage market, where she found her self-evaluation so different from the values of people there.

Shanghai’s marriage market is a place where parents go and post the profiles of their children, trying to “scout” ideal partners for their children.

The artist figured out that the facts which she scores herself higher off (education, income) become facts that score her low (in the eyes of the parents).

Her age, which she does not think is a shortcoming, becomes a huge one in the eyes of the parents.

Her self-evaluation based on her personal data seems to somehow has a huge difference from the parents’ evaluation standards.

I am very interested in this kind of juxtaposition/difference of self-evaluation and social expectation and I want to take this chance to do a data calculation based on this topic.

I want to see how people will score themselves as ideal partners based on their(education, income, gender, appearance, etc..) and how will that be different from a collective social expectation.

I want to collaborate with someone in Shanghai and create an ideal partner scoring system based on statistics from the marriage market.

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