Week 7 – Einsteins’s dreams

Review of Einsteins Dreams

Time is a pretty abstract concept. It is not a visible thing but is rather a concept that exists and reflected through different events. Time exists in history and can be presented or shown in the format of a time calculator (a clock, a watch, etc..).

In part four of Einsteins Dreams,  Lightman writes five different dreams in which time is defined differently. In dream 18 June 1905”, there is one and only clock on the Temple of Time which represents time. In this dream, time exists in nature and the behavior/attempt of trying to mechanically represent time is to produce limitation to peoples movement(like the pilgrims). In another one, time is a local phenomenon, for that different places have different time  In these dreams, time is also the memories of different people.

It is interesting that even if it seems that time is depicted really differently in these dreams, they all make sense to each other. time is a vague thing if you think about it but it can also be precisely measured. It produces history, memory, and culture. It frees people yet limits people when they start to pay attention to its existence. Isn’t that one of the best illusions?

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