Week1 – Live Web -Portrait


Live Platform: BiliBili (Live Bullet Comments)


BiliBili is a video sharing website themed around animation, comic, and game (ACG) based in China, where users can submit, view, and add commentary subtitles on videos. Bilibili uses an Adobe Flash or HTML5 player, which can be manually switched, to play user submitted videos hosted by either itself or third-party sources, while featuring a real-time overlaying subtitle system for interactive playback experience.

The interesting thing about the “bullet comment” is that while you are watching certain videos, the comments you see flying by on the screen can be either “real-time”(someone just commented while watching together with you) or it can be something that has happened before. You are basically watching a video with comments which is complied of real-time feedback and past reviews. Sometimes the significance of watching certain videos has shifted from the content of that video to a discourse emerged from it. On Bilibili, people even watch videos not really for the videos themselves but for the comments that are on the video.

People often communicate about certain topics. And platforms like BiliBili just bring the obvious topics up right in front of everyone and invite people to have a discussion. More importantly, the anonymous feature of this particular interaction probably has only made the whole progress much more engaging.


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