Bodies in Motion – Week 1 – Calibration

For the first week, we learned how to calibration the cameras and send recorded rigid body movements to unreal to allow things to move in the unreal engine.


Motive ( and Unreal

To finish the calibration process:

  1. Open the Motive software. There are 16 cameras that need to be calibrated. If there are red dots in the monitors, make sure to mask them out. (Do not wear clothes that are reflective)
  2. Start “Wanding” –>each camera needs to get >10k samples–>apply results–> also apply (vertical offset wanding)
  3. After finishing the calibration, use rigid bodies to record movements. (Group three dots on one rigid body together)

Send the moves to Unreal:

  1. Create a new scene in unreal
  2. Find the IP addresses of both computers(one runs motive, one runs unreal) server IP: camera side/client IP: unreal —find IP addresses using terminal.
  3. Create Opti Origin –>set the origin of whole scene
  4. Optitrack connection settings:motive

two ways to send data to unreal:


  1. Create an object
  2. Create an opti-track rigid body


create opti-track rigid body –>add component–>object

put the object under the rigid body as a child (tracking number)

***when the unreal play stimulates the scene from motive needs to play as well


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