Week 2 – Design Research – L Train Closure

To understand a little bit more about L train closure, me and Mengzhen took the L train to Bedford station and did two interviews.

We first got off the station and just tried to observe the environment around the station. Based on my observation, the place (right out of bedford) is a quite lively community. There are a lot of cafes and restaurants as well as interesting small shops. The streets are narrow. Some places are currently under construction. Except bikes and cars, there does not seem to have other alternatives of the train.

We interviewed two people at the end. We tried five times. 3 out of 5 people rejected us because 2 were at or hurry to work and 1 person just did not feel like he wanted to be interviewed. The two people we interviewed were both passengers waiting for L train at Bedford.

First Interviewee:

The first interviewee Barry is a contractor. He lives in bronx but will come to brooklyn constantly for work. He does not own any car so he often takes the L train. He said he was ready for the closure of L train but when we asked what he would do, he has no idea.

Second Interviewee:

Emerson is an office worker living in New Jersey. He commutes to brooklyn about 4 times a week by L train. He seems to not know too much about the L train closure(he was surprised to know the date and time span of the closure). He claimed that the closure will affect the rent and landlords. He said people are moving out of the L train area.

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