Week – Bodies in Motion – Data Cleaning and Retargeting


Data Cleaning

For this week’s lab, we motion captured our one of our colleague’s movement and tried to clean the data.

  1. Calibration
  2. Put on the suit (with 41 makers)
  3. Get the skeleton in Motive and record a short clip of movements.
  4. Clean the data in Motive
  • If there are unlabelled markers, try to deal with those first. In our case we had a pretty clean data set — we were lucky to have all markers labelled and our major problem was to fill all the missing parts in the data set.
  • When dealing with the gaps, highlight the gap and goto the (xyz axis view), depending on the graph, choose particular (linear, cube or pattern. etc) to fill the gaps.
  • exporting the file as .fbx (*****settings : we did it wrong so we were not able to use our animation at the end)


I used Fuse to build my model:

I saved the whole file in a folder with the .obj file and all the textures.

I then import the .obj file into Maya

(Note: In order to see the 3d model, maker sure that the workspace is checked as “animation”)

Then, to get the skeleton of my model, I switched to “rigging” mode and used Auto Rig to get the skeleton

And because the model made in fuse has different meshes for different body parts, go to “modeling” tool and combine all the meshes into one mesh (modeling –> mesh –> combine)

After I got the skeleton, I saved it and exported it into motion builder.

After selecting all branches, right click –>zero –> rotation. Drag character onto the hips and characterize the mesh. Rename this character into “Avatar” (or whatever you like)

Drag the recorded animation (.fbx) in and merge scenes together. Select all branches –> right click –> zero –> rotation. Characterize this one as well. Rename is as “Data”.

Then retarget the avatar character to the data character (remember to also select active)

Then create a skeleton plot, after that  we can delete the data character and same this file.

Then we can import this file into Unreal. First time all meshes, second time just the animation.

(Question: if using Fuse, how to put back all the body textures?)

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