Week 1 – One Button Hook Up

What did I make?

For week one’s “one button hookup” assignment, as a coffee lover, I created a simple application which allows me to “enjoy” my coffee without actually drinking too much of it.

The progress

I first of all followed the Xcode tutorial and “one button” youtube video. Then I downloaded the sample code from github and started creating my own application based on that.

  • I created an array of image files that I want to use in this application, since there are twelve of them, I changed the array length from “6” to “12” in the swift code.

  • I also created a new button using the “button” tag and changed its look using the Attributes Inspector. With the help of Eva Chen from our class, I also add corner radius to my button. I played a song once the application is loaded.

I linked my button using “control” and click to my swift code. (both outlet and action)

My Problem

As I finish my first project, I am having a problem simulating the application using my own iphone device.

Am trying to solve it.

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