User Experience Design Documentation


1. Problem Definition



Industry: Clothing/Fashion

The problem I suspect is that clothing shoppers struggle to find an effective means of cleaning out unwanted clothes.



2. User Interview & Findings

I did user interviews with four people.

Tong, 26, Media Artist;

Yiyao, 24, Creative Technologist;

Jiyao, 24, Interaction Designer;

and Katrina, Fashion Designer

Based on things I heard from them, I created an affinity map.

Common Pain Points:

  1. Do not have enough storage room in the closet
  2. Get tired of the clothes quickly and want to buy new items
  3. Feel too troublesome to carry big bags of donating clothes to a physical spot – delivery service; (they cannot make money yet they need to spend travel fees on the way to the spot)
  4. Feel too troublesome to sell unwanted clothes because it takes a lot of efforts to organize clothes and take pictures of them – a system that makes sell clothes easier
  5. Have trouble finding nearby donation spots  – searching & map

3. Competitors Analysis

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 1.37.01 PM

  1. Buffalo Exchange:

bring any kind of clothes they no longer want in-store and the shop staff will decide what they want from you. Once they receive the clothes from you, they give each item a price. The seller can receive either 30% of the selling price in cash or 50% in store credit.

2. Goodwill
Traditional Donation Store(chain) that provides clothing donation service. They have both websites and mobile apps. They have physical stores as well as donation boxes. You can also buy thrifted clothing in the store.

3. RealReal

An online store for more luxurious items. They provide second-hand products to recycle service.
(Consign service). The below chart shows how it works.

4. Her Wardrobe
Clothing rent service. You can try the clothes offline or preview them online and rent those you want. -(prevent a clothing shopper from buying more things she/he might not want in the future)

5. Depop
Fancy sell&buy second-hand goods app. Mobile app only. Can add friends and connect to Instagram.

Competitors Analysis Insights:

I noticed that most donate services do not have delivery services, which increase the difficulty for customers to donate, especially when they have a large number of clothes to donate and do not have vehicles.

4. Persona

Screen Shot 2019-05-14 at 1.55.34 PM

new persona:


Pain points she is having:

  1. Having problems finding the donation/sell spots
  2. Having problems carry a big bag of clothes to a physical store because she does not have a car.
  3. Feel troublesome to sell her clothes following along procedure of cleaning the clothes, taking pictures because she has a limited amount of time.

5. Problem Statement

How Might We?
Problem Statement
[persona name] needs a way to [user’s need], because [insight]
We believe that [ doing this ] for [these people], we will achieve [this outcome]
We will know this to be true when we see [ this feedback/quantitative measure/qualitative insight]
  1. How might we help clothing owners save more storage space?
  2. How might we make clothing owners donate/sell their unwanted clothes more efficiently?
      • How might we simplify the progress of donating clothes?
      • How might we simplify the progress of selling second-hand clothes?
      • How might we help users recycle their clothes more efficiently?

3. How might we help clothes donators find donating spots more easily?


Rita needs a way to donate her unwanted clothes efficiently because she cares about the environment,  is busy, buys a lot of clothes and does not have much storage space.


We believe that building an app that has delivery service and educational information for customers who want to donate their unwanted clothes, we will help our customers to save storage space-time and efforts while donating their unwanted clothes, we will also help them learn more about recycling clothes.

We will know this to be true when we see the customers use the app, share the app with others.

6. User Flow (maybe also add a storyboard)


refined:(only focus on donating – wayfinding, instruction, delivery service, and educational information)


7. Prioritization Matrix

I did the prioritization matrix with my friends and decided on four must-have functions:

  1. store finding service (map & search)
  2. a notification system where you can track your donated clothes
  3. a delivery/pick/drop off service to help make the donating progress easier
  4. a merit system which encourages donating


8.Project Proposal

Link to proposal


9. Card-Sorting(Open)

10. Keyframe



Userbility testing scnenarios:

  1. Your name is Rita, you run out of closet space and need to clear things out, you decide to use the app to find the address of the nearest donation store and donate your unwanted clothes there;
  2. You run out of closet space and need to clear things out. Since you are very busy and do not own a car, you decide to use the clothes donation delivery service on the app to make a clothes pick-up appointment to deliver your unwanted clothes.
  3. You just donated some unwanted clothes and got a tracking number,  you want to use the app to track where your clothes have been donated.


Wireframe & first prototype



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