Visual Language Week #6 – Business Card

For this week’s assignment, I first did a draft writing down what I think should be shown on my business card:

I decided to leave only name. the title, contact information, and portfolio on the card because I think those are the most important things for my future career developments.

I then started to look at different fonts, finding something that my name would look good in.

I choose Dolce Vita for my name because I think it has an interesting A which appears twice in my name. I choose Caviar Dreams for the rest of the text because I like its interesting lower case letters especially. Both fonts are from te san serif family.

I choose to incorporate a little logo which I happened to design during the week for color composition assignment. I changed the square background into a circle to better fit into the whole card design.

Because I really like bears, I tried to adjust the location of the logo so that the front side of the card somehow resembles the side profile of a bear. Something like this maybe: (haha)

Visual Language Week #5 – Composition/Poster

This week we were assigned to design a poster for the coming ITP winter show.

I personally think this is by far the most challenging assignment. I have very little experience designing posters before and I feel like to design a poster it requires skills of color, composition, font…literally  everything.

Before I started to do my poster, I did some research on the previous winter show posters.

I especially liked the first poster’s typefaces, like how the characters are kerned and the choice of the font. But I feel like I am not so capable of coming up with some sophisticated graphics within a week and also at this moment I cannot really come up with any good idea for photography. Therefore, I decided to play with the color palette and the types.

It troubles me for a long time to decide the theme of my poster. I always consider ITP not only as a lovely family but also a place of creativity. People here show me so much love, passion, and creativity.

So I started to do something related to creativity, which pushed me to do an itp lego logo.

But I don’t know how to move further so I at the end just gave up this idea.

I then tried to incorporate what we are learning to the poster and I thought of p5. I wrote something like this:

I think this code kind of reflect how we are as a whole group. Then I started to do some design with what I have. My previous poster looks like this:

But Then I am really unsatisfied with the colors. So I tried to change colors and move things around. Finally, I got my poster:


Visual Language Week #4 – Color Palette

When I think about colors that represent myself, pink becomes the first one that I come up with. I particularly like pink that has a white tone and is creamy/milky. I think the milky pink color gives a very soft, warm, joyful, childlike vibe.  I don’t really think pink is the best color to describe my personality, but it does reflect f my taste.

I searched online for color palettes that contain the pink color I like. And I found this one that I enjoyed:

I liked how it combines pink and mint colors together. Based on that, I decided to create my own color palette.

I used illustrator and this website to create my color palette and my color palette contains these colors:

I  also like to play around with shapes. Since mid-autumn festival (mooncake’s festival) is coming. I want to use the moon shape. so I first created this:

I also want to incorporate myself into the illustration. So I tried to add my initials (Y X R) into it.






By combing the three together and adding a second layer as background, I got my final design.

Visual Language – Week #3 Airline ticket & Expressive types

Expressive Types

I chose three words to design, and they are “cat” “dog” and “infinity”.  When deciding which words to choose, I first think about the word “dog”. I feel like New York is such a “dog” city. Everywhere I go, there are tons of lovely dogs. When I think of the word dog, it becomes obvious that I also think of “cat”. For the third word infinity, I choose it because I really like the infinity symbol “∞”.


Redesign Boarding Pass

For this assignment, I did a little bit research on what boarding passes look like in different countries.

I found most boarding passes are divided into two parts — the left and the right parts. The left major part often provides as much information as possible and the right part is often much concise.

I noticed that right before the passenger gets on the aircraft, the airport staff will take the left part of the ticket away and leave the right part to the passenger. So the left part is really aiming at guiding the passenger to take their flight at the right place and time. The right part

The right part is useful in terms of proving information that is important to the passenger both on the plane and after taking off the plane.

I highlighted “taking off the plane” because I always hope that the boarding pass will tell me which pick-up location I should go for my luggage after the plane lands. But often this detail is ignored.

I also looked up some examples of other people tried re-designing boarding passes and I really enjoy this one:

I think this boarding pass is really simple and easy to follow. The most important information is always bold/written in a larger font. The use of color works very well and I also like the little pictures this designer uses.

My design finally looks like this:

The color choices come from Delta’s logo color, which is like this:

I select the information that I think is the most important to put on the boarding pass, including (the left): name, time, flight number, locations, etc.. I use two squares to better instruct the passengers to go to the boarding gate/find their seats. I only left name, flight number, boarding time, luggage pick-up location and seat number on the right smaller part because I think those are the most important things after getting on board.

Visual Language Week #1 – Design Analysis

The target I am analyzing is a poster of one of The Geese’s performances.

*The Geese is a Japanese comedian group of two artists.



My Analysis:

Use of Grid:

The poster is planned in a very organized and clean way. The words, including the title and the important information are put on the top and bottom three grids, respectively. The image occupies the center nine grids, which makes it outstanding and eye-catching.


Simple and unified. All English words and numbers are of one typeface and the Japanese words are in one unified Japanese font. The use of different font weight and size help stand out the most crucial information.

Choice of Color:

This poster also uses limited colors, which is in a positive way. The use of black, white and gray stands out the color blue, making a noteworthy contrast. I think it really helps catch the audiences attention, which can further help promote the event.


The structure of this poster is simple and straight forward: big and interesting title, a huge and interesting image, other important words/information at the bottom. As a poster for a show, it works well both to provide precise information regarding the performance as well as to promote the show.

Overall I prefer this poster because I think, first of all, the illustration of it looks great. Secondly, even if I dont understand Japanese 100 percent, it is not hard for me to understand what this poster is trying to tell. Both the visuals and the function of this poster work well.